Optical Refraction Chair Unit


This model for the optical shop and for the smoll rooms
Instrument smooth rotation and well-balanced top
Table top for auto refractor mitter and for the lansomitter for easy refraction 
Soft touch safety switch to prevent accidental chair movements
Over head task light that is bright, focused and rheostat-controlled
Centrally integrated control panel with touchstone keys
Movements across all four directions are operated silently by CE Certified German DC motor
Sturdy pole to Sustain projector, phoropter and lamp
Excellent manoeuverability to offer best height and position of near vision holder and projector arm 
In this chair only chair going up and down reclining is manual from chair back cover 
Only back position is reclining and foot rest not com up. 
Multifaceted controls from up/down movements & memory of zero position
Offers in built connectivity for near vision holder and projector
Highly flexible chair that rotates and reclines with manually
Fully integrated headrest 
Foot switch to facilitate smooth control of upward and downward movement
Polyurethane seats that are anti-static and comfortable for the patient
Electro mechanical movements that enable all four movements
Heavy load-uplifting capacity with minimum power consumption

[please Note: Specifications are subject to modifications, as per emerging market demands.]