The Innovative Modern, Sophisticated Ophthalmic Refraction Unit

A state-of-the-art Safe low voltages backlit consol panel controls the slit lamp,
Chart projector, accessory instrument, overhead lamp brightness, chair elevation.
Includes three wells for handheld instruments

Arm for instrument delivery
Motorized slit-lamp arm allows up/down with a membrane switch.
10” of vertical motorized travel for instruments 01 to 60 lbs.
Up and Down swich on the slit lamp arm controls chair up/down.

Upper phoropter arm offers 10” range of vertical movement; delivers instruments up to 20 lbs.
Third instrument arm available as an option: 20 to 50 lb. capacity; 10” of vertical travel.

Wheelchair accessible

Superior Unit Features

Intelligent Engineered Sleek Design

Examination chair / minor procedure table electrically articulating engineered with 
square base for stability and controls for up/down and back/front function, either by 
footswitch, membrane switches on both sides chair back or from unit consol.

325 degree chair rotation makes easier for minor procedure.

Auto return button returns the chair to its upright starting position

Dual side controls. Membrane switches and rotation locks ensure all operations of 
the chair can be controlled from a sitting or standing position.

Armrests allows patients to sit or leave from either side of the chair

Comfortable headrest adjusts quickly and locks with a single hand.
Excellent head and neck support for patients.

[please Note: Specifications are subject to modifications, as per emerging market demands.]